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Do you have a clothing, bags or accessories shop and would you like to become a Federico P. retailer?

If you like the idea of ​​having an excellent made in Italy fashion product in your store, which reflects the quality and prestige of the handmade, you have found the right brand!
Federico P., thanks to the notoriety and marketing strength of a brand appreciated and recognized in the panorama of “slow fashion”, quality fashion that comes from the concept and the creative process and which remains over time, contrasted with “fast fashion” fashion ”of assembly line products, imported from outside Europe or ready-to-wear fashion, offers the certainty of better economic results than other brands.
The artisan fashion market is among the most popular for its interesting margins combined with the security of offering unique creations of their kind and an excellent quality / price ratio.

Federico P. is quality, uniqueness and innovation
All the creations are made in Italy, with the collaboration of local artisans and behind a capillary study of new fashion trends and continuous research of new materials.
Federico P., through the continuous innovation of his product, has the power to make his values ​​real and make them experience them personally within the store.

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Vendita abiti donna ricamati a mano. Federico Pilia. Milano

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